Testimony about ecp courses


After visiting my academic counselor and requesting that they’d take a look at my transcript from Hope University, thankfully,  all of the units I received from my Early College Program (ECP) classes transferred over to my University of California Irvine transcript. With the ECP courses I took, I started my freshmen year with already 25.5 units. I am currently in my Winter quarter and I already have 43.5 units completed. I am technically considered a sophomore according to my unit count. Also, thanks to my ECP Calculus course, I am able to skip the first Intro to Calculus course I would have needed to take. Instead of taking two calculus courses I'll only have to take one. Additionally, my ECP US History course satisfied one of my GE requirements. In order to receive all of the benefits I did from the ECP courses, I did have to visit my counselor. The courses I took at Calvary are considered transfer courses. I had to submit a course equivalency petition where I had to include the syllabus of the ECP course I wanted credit for; this is how I was able to skip the Intro to Calculus course. In the end, it was definitely worth it. The ECP courses from Hope International University are definitely worth taking. Students just have to make an effort in requesting their transcript from Hope then talking to their academic counselor about the courses. (Alumna-Vanessa Hernandez)