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Have you ever thought about how great a blessing it would be to visit Israel, the land of the Bible? The lessons you’ve learned from God’s Word will come alive each time you read it after walking in the Holy Land. There is no greater gift than seeing the Word of God come to life! We invite you to join us for the experience of a lifetime. The team will hike where King David hid from Saul, and walk pristine trails alongside ruins from Biblical times; pray in the Garden and be baptized in the Jordan River.  Echoes from the past are ever present and calling.  It is an unforgettable experience.

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Our school has been providing the opportunity for students to minister at the Kids Kingdom Orphanage for over 20 years. During these years the students have experienced a paradox in ministry - With the purpose of going to provide for and bless those who are struggling in life (physically, emotionally and spiritually), it is the students who find themselves being challenge, changed, blessed and ministered to by the Holy Spirit as God uses and confronts them. This ministry through the years has encompassed many different works of compassion and assistance, not only to the orphanage itself, but also to human lives within the surrounding communities who struggle to obtain some of the basic needs of survival, and lack an understanding of a true relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus. During these times of ministry, the students not only collect and distribute items for physical needs, but more importantly are used by God to minister to the spiritual needs of the children in the orphanage and community by sharing testimonies and Bible studies. Also, all of the students have the opportunity to use the gifts and talents God has given them in areas such as sports, craft making, the arts and music and most importantly love and compassion to minister to and with the children. This ministry has always left the students impacted in ways that they could not have imagined. 

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Los Angeles

Around 12 years ago our school began to provide the opportunity for students to experience ministry within the various parts of the So. Cal. inner-city. During the years the trip has been anywhere from a full week to just a few days, some trips stayed at housing in the inner-city and other trips were just day trips returning home each night. But no matter the time or structure of the trip the one thing that stayed consistent was the impact that it had on each of the students. During their time of outreach the students come to realize a couple of things: One, just how blessed they are and at times unappreciative of what God has given them. Two, that they do not necessarily need to travel to a foreign country to experience the changes in culture, and the human struggle to survive. In this outreach opportunity, the students have serve in shelters, assisted living centers, worked with underprivileged children in daycare centers, shared the gospel on the streets, worked with food bank organizations and various other inner-city outreaches to the communities.

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